Vita Flex Essential Oil Alignments

This popular Tibetan Energy Modality uses up to 1500 energy points throughout the body with quality, organic essential oils that can cross the brain, blood barrier causing regeneration in a powerful, and complete scientific and spiritual experience.
I deeply appreciate and love this superior and powerful , natural, modality , which has proven to be an extraordinary and long lasting transforming system of living in one’s own aligned well-being.

I myself , my family , and amazing clients have experienced freedom from unwanted conditions , diagnosis’s and limiting lifestyles for the past 10 years now.

So no matter what the historical , or present condition is the potential regeneration through alignment and rebalancing of one’s chakra’s / meridian’s / or acupuncture energy systems ensures steady , powerful healing and well-being.


Reiki has become one of the most well known system of energy bodywork , which restores our bodies natural healing abilities.

Modern expressions of Reiki , include the popular “Usui Reiki ” and Healing Touch Systems developed with-in Western Medicine , and ancient diverse Shamanic healing traditions , based in heart centred energy medicine systems.
Since 1995 I have been a Master Reiki practitioner , and a certified Ho’omaika’i Master practitioner of Hawaiian Huna , and Metis Shamanism.
The benefits range from the repair of physical ailments , and disease , by activating the bodies natural healing abilities which lead to aligned , vibrant health and living.


I love this powerful all encompassing modality , because it gets to the core of the issues at hand ,( pun intended ) be they physical , emotional , or other-wise.
It is a proven and usually immediate releasing of painful , challenges , be it chronic , or acute symptoms that the body endures…such as rebuilding health after , surgery , or cancer treatment , healing Post Traumatic Stress Disorders , or Depression , Panic Anxiety attacks , to name but a few.
This modality enhances the healing , effect of other treatments as it potentially influences an energizing self-healing process


I am known as a lively and intuitive healer , who’s a passionate teacher , leader , and aligned living Abraham Activist who guides and channels for other’s easy understanding and joyful living.
Some of the popular and blessed modalities that I’ve been offering for decades now are….

Spiritual Counselling : for whole person lifestyle (s ) which focus on holistic health that compliments western medicine.
Channeled Guidance : which enhance’s individual ‘s aligning with their own wisdom , to support and give direction , and development of your Inner Being and guides and Source Energy.

Claircoqnizant Readings : I can interpret your energy and share what it is communicating , to guide you into transforming old patterns , experiences ,habits of thoughts of flawed premises…which ensures life changes that are natural to your unique expanding journey
Shamanic energy alignments of playful and powerful soul awakening , soul retrieval , and integration of living what you have come here to be… be liberated of unconscious and conscious suffering.

So whether you are facing a personal challenge , or are interested in the practicality of improving your daily life…or perhaps wanting perspective on a decision or current focus… an evolutionary consultation may resonate with you , by learning awareness , insight and self-empowered discovery that re-acquaints you by experiencing your own wisdom , and heart’s / soul’s calling in these Divine Loving Living opportunity of change and healing times we all live in…

I promise you , everything you desire , is waiting for you…as you naturally live in alignment with who you have powerfully , and in your important self-worthiness have come here to be…these are wonderful times ,as we manifest our dreams ,and desires….we are all in this together…

A Complimentary first-time consultation is offered to determine your unique , exclusive , process’s of shared enlightenment…


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