Walks Tall Woman

WALKS TALL WOMAN is the Clan Mother of the November Moon Cycle…

She teaches us to WALK OUR TALK.

She urges us to let our heart’s desire take the lead, so that our leadership, innovation, and inner strength, can help us expand our paths.

Teaches us that it is through our relationship to the Source/Great Mystery that we honor our paths.

Through this medicine we explore and feel inspired with innovation, which, in turn, transforms our lives. Our truths invite gifts of perseverance, stamina, and strength. Our truth is our natural gift of well-being and of balance.

Reminds us that we must use all of our gifts and talents: aligned health, attitude, self-reflection, and spirit, to understand and overcome challenges.

When we are willing to drop our fears of taking action, we bring balance to our lives and find peace in truly knowing our connection to the power of aligned clarity, rest, retreat and relaxation.

When we are willing to let go of our fears we are inspired to softly, yet powerfully, focus on our goals. We experience strenght and stamina on our path, and find the joy in our hearts that will lead us to our desires manifest.

Standing beside Walks Tall Woman we can discover the strength and power of WALKING OUR TALK.